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From a young age, art has always been there through my ups and downs. I've learned to rely on creating to help me to find myself when i get lost in the shuffle. Here are some of my recent creations for Sale. Click on each picture for cost. Prices are negotiable. I am always happy to find a new home for my art.  

Sandra D. ~ Author, Artist, Human Being

Getting lost so I could find myself

Some of the most monumental lessons in my life have been involving death.   Death is different each and every time you experience it in your life.  Yet each time, you relive the ones before. Our culture doesn’t seem to know what to do with death, and yet it is definitely a part of life. Sometimes I feel like I understand death more than life.  I've had many angels in my life who have taught me what true service is and how to humble myself, being present with someone in their most vulnerable of moments.  Each “goodbye” helped me to let go of someone I admired, as I learned to find those qualities inside of myself. 

Let’s face it…we wouldn’t spend so much time noticing what everyone else was doing if we were truly focused on our own evolution. After so many reminders of how short life really is, I began to pay very close attention to the messages my life was sending me.  After my friend's suicide, social anxiety offered me the isolation I was craving.  Time to meditate and journal, dance, create and pray offered an environment for me to spend a lot of time getting to know myself.  My journey became about letting go of as much suffering as possible.    

After more than a decade as a bodyworker, and a whole lot of emotional trauma, my soul was begging for an energetic release.  My life mattered.  Coming home after my massage day of 5 to 7 clients, I'd barely make it through the door before I'd fall to my knees in tears. Massaging well over 50,000 clients in my career had taken it’s toll on my mental, emotional, and physical body.  With no teacher around to show me how to heal my spirit, I followed my gut and moved from Las Vegas to Sarasota.   


Soul Secrets


An Aunt's gift to her niece becomes a love letter to the world. "Soul Secrets" is packed with insight and gentle reminders, guiding us back to ourselves when we forget the way home.   Speaking to the ever-child in all of us,  it whispers in different ways,  each time it's read.

"Soul Secrets" has given so much to me since the beginning of its journey. Through this path, I came to know myself as an author, an artist, and a teacher. Sometimes, all it takes to transform our world is that one person who can see us for who we truly are. 

The pictures are meant to be viewed from all angles, just like life.  Each of them is an expression of very real emotions. Drawing for this book helped me to trust my intuitive nudge to create art and share it. It's fun to see how far I've come...and exciting to think how far I will grow.  This book and the journey of writing and publishing it, has taught me that we are all artists. 

Writing this book helped me get up off of the floor as i was grieving the loss of a friend. I wrote it to help my niece remember to stand up for herself. In doing so, it reminded me to remember myself.  

It's easy to forget our voice, and to shrink when the world seems to push us around.  I've learned that through the biggest challenges and the most uncomfortable situations, we become even more of ourselves.  In the times when we are made to feel the worst, when we receive the harshest criticisms and treatments from others; we then have a reason to go only within to find our truest answers. 

What's in a name?

The things we do in this life matter. What message are we sending with every breath, every moment, every glance, every connection to every other little thing?  Everything you are is a gift to this world.  What does your gift say?  If our actions are loving and kind, then loving kindness is sent on a journey through the universe and back to us.  Karma is like a boomerang, only send out what you would like to receive in return.     ~”Soul Secrets” by Sandra D. Winogrocki

Sandra is a name that means defender or helper of mankind.  People with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.

Since I can remember, my mom used to tell me this.  My Grandmother told my mother with assurance “This child will be a blessing.”  I took it to heart, and I’ve always tried to help when I can.  Along my journey, my desire to make a positive impact on the world has grown.  We have a tendency of thinking that we are so insignificant and small in the big scheme of things. We are far more powerful than we often give ourselves credit for.

"Every action of our lives touches on some cord that will vibrate in eternity."

 ~Edwin Hubbel Chaplan

This blog is a space for me to share what fuels me.  There is a reason I feel led to share.  hen I share from that part of me who knows the truth, the flame ignites a spark in others, and there is a light in the dark.  May we all find our way home through the darkness.  May we huddle close to the sparks and embers of others who understand and see who we truly are underneath what we see on the surface.  May this fire burn brighter and shine away the illusion that we are anything other than “On Purpose”.